Display Anywhere Lighting™, exclusive to Department 56, allows you to display our lighted buildings anywhere in your home through the use of state of the art battery operated lighting and a remote control. Be as creative as you’d like to when locating beautiful lighted building displays in your home since you won’t have to worry about having to plug them into an electrical outlet or having to reach the on and off switches. Our Display Anywhere Lighting™ products featured below will provide you with the ultimate in creative freedom and convenience

• Provides approximately 150 hours of light using 4 AA alkaline batteries
• Will shut itself off after approximately 9 hours to conserve battery life
• Can be converted to use with a traditional building light cord when using the included adapter collar

• Can be used to light most Department 56 buildings,
both old and new, converting them to cordless
• Provides approximately 75 hours of light using
4 AAA alkaline batteries
• See page 53 for more information

• Can be used to turn on and off any Display Anywhere Lighting™ unit,
either those factory installed in new buildings or the Retrofit Unit
• Starter Kit includes 1 Transmitter & 1 Receiver
- Hold the Transmitter in your hand to send the signal to the light unit
- Connect the Receiver to the light unit
• Only 1 Transmitter is needed
• You will need 1 Receiver for each Display Anywhere Lighting™ unit
that you want to control
• Additional receivers are sold separately
• See page 53 for more information


Connecting and managing electrical cords, battery boxes and adapters within a village display can be complicated. Our Buildings & Accessories Lighting System solves many of the complications you may have had with these in the past. Only one plug into an electrical outlet is needed to light up to 9 buildings and 3 accessories. This innova t i ve lighting system reduces the amount of wiring you need to manage and eliminates the need for electrical adapters and some battery boxes with some of our village accessories.
• Lights up to 9 buildings & provides power to 3 accessories
• Provides light to any Department 56 buildings that use
a traditional 120V light cord
• Provides power to any Department 56 accessories (lighted or
animated) that can connect to our 56.55026 AC/DC Adapter
• Comes with 9 building light cords in 36", 48" and 60" lengths
• Comes with 3 accessory power cords in 48" length
• Light & power cords are thinner, enabling easier use
in village displays
• See page 53 for more information