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Members of the “Ducky 56ers Collectors Club” are busy even at this time of year. These pictures show club members at work during the construction of Halloween displays at the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University, in a Chicago suburb. The club is based in Darien, IL has about 100 active members and meet once per month, Sept. thru May.

“For nearly 10 years, we have been supporting the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University by putting up Christmas and Halloween displays.

The displays we built for Halloween can be found in three cabinets; two in the Great Room at the House and one in the Greeting Room. The “Peanuts” display was placed on the piano. The process we used here is similar to what collectors go through; unpacking, fluffing the trees, laying out the Styrofoam, setting the buildings and accessories, and then final detailing. The pictures show many of these steps as well as the final product. In this case we had nearly 10 members scurrying about to complete the display in less than one day. It is truly a labor of love and well appreciated by those that inhabit the House,” said Rich Wyllie, the current president of the “Ducky 56ers.”

Anyone interested in joining the “Ducky 56ers” can contact them at their website

Did you know that the Department 56 Consumer Services division carries over 1,000 different parts you can purchase for your Village, Snowbabies and for some giftware items. We stock replacement adapters, bulbs, cords, flags that can be eaten by the vacuum cleaner and other small parts for your Village that always seem to get lost. For the Snowbabies we stock some of the replacement flags, porcelain stars and music box keys. Giftware replacements parts are more limited to items like bulbs for fiber optic products and miscellaneous parts.

To order a part, simply call our 800 telephone line (1800/548-8696) any business day between 9 AM and 4 PM Central time. One of our Consumer Services reps will be happy to assist you. We get a supply of new parts often so we may be able to help with something now that we werenít several months ago. It never hurts to ask. We work with a wonderful team at our distribution center who is always willing look for odd pieces that we ask about. The cost is dependent on the part and there is a small shipping charge. We take MasterCard or VISA for payment. Unless itís the month before Christmas, we can generally get the parts out in 2 weeks.

Display Anywhere Lighting
Weíve made it easier than ever to create fantastic displays with the introduction of our new Display Anywhere Lighting. With no cords to plug in, thereís a whole new world of display possibilities to explore. Locations that you couldnít easily use before, like your coffee table, are now prime locations! And now you can turn your buildings on and off with our new Display Anywhere Lighting Remote Control, giving you more display ease and flexibility than ever before. This set of two includes a transmitter and 1 receiver and retails for $25.00. Additional receivers are also available and can be used with the same remote unit.

With our new Display Anywhere lighting Retrofit unit, you can display lighted buildings anywhere you choose. Whether itís as a dining room table centerpiece or even in a wreath on the door, this Retrofit Unit allows you the ultimate convenienceóendless display options! It will work with most of our lighted buildings, can be turned on and off with the Display Anywhere Lighting Remote Control and will provide approximately 75 hours of light using 4 AAA batteries. This unit retails for $17.50.

Display Anywhere Lighting, exclusive to select Department 56Æ lighted buildings, allows you to light the building without a light cord that needs to plug into an electrical outlet and display it almost anywhere indoors that you can imagine!

Specific features include:
ï Can be turned on and off with the new Display Anywhere Lighting Remote Control, sold separately./

ï Provides over 150 hours of light using 4 conventional AA batteries (Assumes 4 hours use per day.)

ïThese buildings can also be lighted using a traditional Department 56 light cord (adapter collar included, light cord not included Includes a timer that will automatically shut off the light after 9 hours).

If you need assistance using any of these products, or locating a retail store where you can purchase one of these items, please call the Consumer Services division of Department 56 during regular business hours, 1(800) 548-8696.