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Christmas Market, Bratwurst Bo - 4059378
5.2 in H
In Stock
For many in both Europe and America, shopping at the Christmas Market is as much of a holiday tradition as putting up the tree. Now hungry shoppers can stop for an authentic German treat, Bratwurst. Includes vendor tempting a “Wiener Dog” with a Brat.
Dickens Vlg, Home For Holidays - 4059379
7.28 in H
This home is the perfect place to spend Christmas. Trimmed with holiday greens, it’s no wonder family from afar couldn’t wait to arrive on Christmas Eve. Includes Mother and Father who welcome their son home for the Holidays after a semester at school.
Great Yarmouth Light - 4059380
7.68 in H
In Stock
A quaint fishing village Yarmouth is on the Eastern coast of the isle, on the North Sea. Our lighthouse is beautifully constructed of stone and stucco, with an adjoining house for the light keeper.
Yarmouth's Discovery Bay - 4059381
3.07 in H
In Stock
Two best friends have a ball discovering treasures at the sea shore. Little boy float his sailboat in the tide waters, with cute young lady uses a telescope to glance at the horizon.
North Pole, Home For Holidays - 4059382
5.2 in H
In Stock
It’s the morning of December 25th, and once again, Santa has completed his long journey around the world. Mrs. Claus greets him with robe and slippers. Look closely through the corner window - there’s a tiny Village on top of the mantel!
Sugar Mountain Lodge - 4059383
7.6 in H
In Stock
It’s one of the most fun places at The North Pole – skiing on top of the world at Sugar Mountain. Elves can practice their ski jumping moves right from the roof with the built in ski ramp! Hillside action can be viewed from the upper story balconies.
Paws To The Rescue - 4059384
1.5 in H
In Stock
Off to the rescue is the elf patrol and trusty St. Bernard as the bunny hill proves to be a bit much for one wee elf.
Sweet Treats! - 4059385
1.06 in H
In Stock
Licensed by Dairy Queen®, it’s obvious that the size of the treats don’t match the size of the elf! Our youngster will have a great time trying to finish his banana split.
Snow Village Home For Holidays - 4059386
6.97 in H
In Stock
Gaze through the window of this Queen Anne home, a tiny ‘Snow Village’ decorates the mantel. Outside is a scene that no one can get enough of, a young man returns from proudly serving in the military - to loved ones that have anxiously waited his arrival
Coffee Station - 4059387
10.04 in H
In Stock
Today, eateries, inns and coffee shops welcome visitors to Stillwater MN, to enjoy a wonderful day or evening by the river. For a cup of locally roasted coffee, or handcrafted coffee drink, stop into the Coffee Station.
Coffee Station Catch Up - 4059388
2.13 in H
In Stock
Nothing beats meeting an old friend downtown for coffee and conversation during the holiday season.
Jack Daniel's Grain Mill - 4059389
7.95 in H
In Stock
The brick, stone and metal siding of the Jack Daniel’s Grain Mill highlight a variety of textures and colors that make this building an outstanding addition to the Jack Daniel’s Series. A replica of the Grain Mill in Lynchburg, TN.
Jack Daniel's Barrels & Rye - 4059390
1.18 in H
In Stock
This set of 3 - barrels of whiskey with a sack of rye - compliments the Jack Daniel’s Series.
The Beast - 4059391
8.27 in H
In Stock
While working the rails, a discovery was made deep in the woods - a Beast. After a bit of negotiation, Beast agreed to ride on a flat bed rail car, with chains to secure him while taking the rough rails.
The Beast Master - 4059392
2.8 in H
In Stock
Still skeptical about the nature of The Beast, our Beast Master keeps a club close at hand while waiting for The Beast’s arrival.
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