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Nantucket Tulips & Garden - 4050954
7.29 in H
In Stock
This delightful windmill has been perfectly converted to a garden store, offering the people of Nantucket the best selection of bulbs, winter greens, and indoor plants during the holiday season. Animated vanes turn with authentic effect.
New England Sleigh Ride - 4036536
2.28 in H
From the New England Village Series, a collection by Department 56, portraying a simpler time when America was beginning its great traditions. New England Sleigh Ride, hand-crafted and hand-painted porcelain accessory. 2.28in H x 2.68in W x 6.18in L
The First Taste Of Spring - 4050958
2.6 in H
In Stock
The gardener's assistant is preparing new plants to be sold in spring. This handpainted accessory is made of porcelain and is part of the New England Village series.
American Diner - 799939
4.5 in H
In Stock
Reminiscent of diners of years gone by, this diner allows you to peak inside. This hand-painted ceramic lit building, includes adapter cord and LED lighting. 10.25 x 5 x 4.5"
Holiday Coffee Break - 4025251
2.125 in H
In Stock
Christmas In The City - a collection from Department 56, this series captures the elegance and excitement of the city. Catching up over a warm cup of 'Joe' during a shopping break is always fun. Hand-crafted & hand-painted porcelain accessory.
Checker City Cab - 4044795
1.73 in H
Authentic vintage style porcelain cab is a welcome addition for the citizens of Christmas In The City. Multiples are needed to enhance a large display.
Holy Family Church, set of 2 - 4044857
10.63 in H
In Stock
"Peace To All That Enter", is the welcome sign above the door, inviting everyone to join the Christmastime Celebrations inside. Set of 2 includes a sign that could be easily personalized for a family gathering or commemorative ceremony.
Happily Ever After - 4044867
3.39 in H
Bride and Groom figure depicting a happy day in Snow Village.
Snow Village Nativity - 4030755
1.57 in H
In Stock
Simple and classic. This tiny nativity is a complete unit that can be used to decorate in front of the local Snow Village church or home, or in the right place in the park!
Blue Ribbon Christmas - 4050993
2.56 in H
In Stock
These two youngsters are grooming their prize winning goat! It is definitely a "Blue Ribbon Christmas"! This accessory is made of ceramic, handpainted and part of The Original Snow Village.
Panda Palace - 4050979
5.3 in H
In Stock
Third in the continuing series of fun buildings on our restaurant row, “Chow Town”. The pagoda style slate roof and heavy wooden front doors punctuate the Oriental style. Golden dragons, a symbol of luck, adorn the front windows.
Take Out - 4050988
3.27 in H
Whether you order rice or noodles, the delivery will be fast and the food will be hot! This accessory is made of ceramic, handpainted and part of The Original Snow Village.
Panda Palace Free Delivery - 4055218
2.56 in H
This cute little car can be seen all over the neighborhood delivering delicious Asian cuisine from the Panda Palace. This accessory is made of ceramic, handpainted and part of The Original Snow Village.
North Pole Sizzlin' Griddle - 4050965
6.69 in H
Santa had a new restaurant built at The Pole and all of the elves are heading there for breakfast on Christmas morn to feast after the long season. The Sizzlin’ Griddle, shaped like a stack of pancakes is topped with thick maple syrup and butter.
Witch Way Home Tower - 4051009
9.88 in H
A round tower with 360 degree windows and a lantern at the top is much like a light house for the Witches of the Hollow. The bright beacon offers a guide light, leading the girls aboard brooms home safely.
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