Scott Enter


Scott Enter has designed hundreds of Village lit buildings, accessories and general animated pieces since he started working at Department 56 in 1990. His first project, The Original Snow Village "Green House" (56.54020, 1991-1995), was planned as an accessory but Scott, who loves to tinker with technology, figured out how to make it light. Scott can be credited with upgrading numerous additions to The Original Snow Village, Snow Village Halloween and other Villages over the years. "Collectors are always asking us to add more sound and animation to their Villages, which prompts me to keep thinking creatively on how to make the Villages come alive."

Because all Village pieces start with ideas and many brainstorming sessions for concept and design plans, this has proven to be Scott’s favorite part of the process. “These meetings get the creative juices flowing and we are all anxious to get to work.”

When it comes to giving titles to the pieces, the artists like to have a little fun with the names.”We try to add a pun once in awhile, using songs or old TV shows for inspiration. The first time was probably Dinah’s Drive-In. Some others are Sam the Butcher, Christmas Carol’s Cookies and Hemogoblin Blood Bank.”

We know that our artists meet a lot of collectors when they go out to signing events and asked if they could share a memorable moment with us. Scott told us about “a collector who has been coming to my events for a number of years now. Sam is about 10 years old and he often brought me sketches of his ideas for the Halloween Village. Last year we decided to develop a variation of one. We introduced it this year as Poe’s Perch. The best part was sharing a video with him of the piece and how it works.”

Department 56 the leader and gold standard in lighted collectible Villages, is part of the Enesco family of brands and is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.