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Lapdog - 4058924
4.53 in H
In Stock
Whoa! This pup is not aware of his size, but Snowbaby doesn’t mind. Get ready to cuddle up to your own “lapdog” with this 4.53” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Classic Collection. The Snowbaby and dog perch on a hand-sculpted stool.
Puppy Love Ornament - 4058461
3.03 in H
In Stock
Nothing beats the joy of hugging your pet for the first time! This 3.03” hanging porcelain ornament from the Snowbabies Celebrations Collection encapsulates the feeling of adding a new furry friend to the family.
Trailing Behind - 4058402
5.39 in H
In Stock
Catch up with our speedy Snowbaby in this 5.39” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Christmas Memories line. Here we find a Snowbaby trudging through the snow, being followed by an adorable pup! Our Snowbaby wears a spunky red hand-knit cap.
Balanced Diet - 4058395
3.27 in H
In Stock
Stop counting calories and just indulge with this 3.3” figurine from the Snowbabies Girlfriend Collection. Here we find Snowbaby holding a cupcake in each hand and making eye contact with a droopy-eyed pup.
Travel Buddies - 4058128
4.33 in H
In Stock
Pack your bags and get ready to go with this 4.3” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Frosty Frolic Collection. An adorable pup joins Snowbaby on a winter vacation. Both of our friends carry their own bags.
The High Seas - 4057993
3.27 in H
Set out for the high seas with this 3.27” figurine from the Snow Dream line. Here we find an explorer Snowbaby sailing out with two adventurous pups. A telescope and sail adorned with a proprietary mica glitter help our Snowbaby find the way.
Fresh Paint - 4057518
5.51 in H
In Stock
Get ready to paint the town red, literally, with this 5.5” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Christmas Memories line. A friendly red bird helps our Snowbaby paint a giant candy cane in Frosty Frolic Land.
Royal Friends - 4051892
3.54 in H
This 3.5” porcelain figurine from the Snow Dream line depicts a Snowbaby and adorable pup sporting crowns hand-painting with a shimmering golden glaze. The Snowbaby’s crown is adorned with a crystal for an extra touch of bling.
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