Whether it is a sweet baby’s first Christmas, the first holiday for a newly married couple, or the first holiday together for a new relationship, we have something that will make the perfect gift to give or to receive.

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Powderhorn House Set - 4054981
5.79 in H
Powderhorn may be known for May Day spring festivals, where neighbors are known to gather in the park and celebrate the arrival of spring. However, during the long winters, their delightful bungalows keep friends and family warm and cozy.
Tangletown Cottage Set - 4054980
4.92 in H
A beautiful house built in the first part of the 1900s holds all the memories of a home where family gathers on a cold evening by the glow of the fire. Lamplight thought the large arched window glistens on the frost snow outside.
Cedar Isles Church Set - 4054979
9.21 in H
Charming white clap board steeple church includes a red door which welcomes all to services. Name is inspired by a the historic area of Minneapolis that surrounds Cedar Lake.
Precious Messes - 4051906
5.2 in H
Looks like this Snowbaby got a little messy in the highchair. Eating dinner just got more fun with this 5.2” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Family line. A Snowbaby stands up in an ornately sculpted highchair wearing a bib and a bowl!
From God Ornament - 4051902
2.28 in H
A baby is truly a gift from above! Celebrate your baby or loved one’s baby with this 2.28” hanging porcelain ornament from the Snowbabies Celebrations Collection. In this scene, a Snowbaby and bunny rabbit sleep together in a basket labeled, “from God.”
Peek-A-Boo, Boy - 4051895
4.17 in H
All babies love to play peek-a-boo, especially Snowbabies! Get ready for loads of giggles with this 4.17” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Classic Collection. This piece depicts a baby boy Snowbaby playing behind his new, hand-knit blanket.
Peek-A-Boo, Girl - 4051894
4.17 in H
All babies love to play peek-a-boo, especially Snowbabies! Get ready for loads of giggles with this 4.17” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Classic Collection. This piece depicts a baby girl Snowbaby playing behind her new, hand-knit blanket.
Santa's Secret Helper, 2016 - 4051883
5.59 in H
2016 Dated Figurine! Santa does a great job delivering presents to all the good girls and boys but he calls on the help of the Snowbabies when there's too much to do. This piece features a decorated sisal tree, hand-knit stockings and a lit fireplace.
But I Wanted A Baby Brother! - 4051874
4.06 in H
Get ready to welcome someone new with this 4” porcelain figurine from the Snowbabies Family line. Here we find a stubborn Snowbaby a little frustrated with receiving a new baby sister instead of a brother!
Away In A Manger, Set of 2 - 4051867
3.86 in H
Come and rejoice with this set of two inspirational pieces from the Snow Dream line. The magic of Christmas comes alive with these 2.25” and 4” porcelain figurines. Two lambs come to see an adorable Snowbaby tucked away in a manger.
Anniversary Gazebo, Snow Vilg - 4050978
6.03 in H
Classic white bead board design creates the perfect complement to The Original Snow Village. Couple pauses under the warm light of the shelter to exchange a toast with mugs of hot coca. Sisal trees trimmed with lights cast a colorful glow on the snow.
Anniversary Gazebo, North Pole - 4050966
6.2 in H
Welcome to the special North Pole Anniversary Gazebo! Peek through the garland topped, candy cane stripped arches. Here, under a warm glow from the LED lights, Santa and Mrs. Claus offer a toast of cheer to all! Created especially for 2016.
Anniversary Gazebo, DV - 4050926
7.6 in H
Throughout our history, Department 56 has enjoyed creating tribute pieces to our favorite author. How appropriate that Charles and Catherine Dickens are offering an anniversary toast with silver goblets inside the Dickens’ Village Anniversary Gazebo.
All Snug In The Sled - 4046517
8.5 in H
The most wonderful time of the year is even more wonderful now that there is a little one in the family. Make sure to capture all of these special firsts.
Big Sister - 4045796
4.53 in H
Our big sisters are the ones we look up to first. The ones we copy first. The ones we befriend first. Honor your Big Sister with this piece, featuring tulle accents. Or, perhaps, that one friend who's always been like a Big Sister.
Happily Ever After - 4044867
3.39 in H
Bride and Groom figure depicting a happy day in Snow Village.
Holy Family Church, set of 2 - 4044857
10.63 in H
In Stock
"Peace To All That Enter", is the welcome sign above the door, inviting everyone to join the Christmastime Celebrations inside. Set of 2 includes a sign that could be easily personalized for a family gathering or commemorative ceremony.
Dickens' Town Tree - 4044820
6.5 in H
In Stock
Special Edition, new for 2015. Each Village, including Dickens' Village, will showcase a town tree. Hand-Crafted and Hand-Painted Porcelain, highly detailed, make this a wonderful centerpiece accessory for your display.
City Sleigh Ride - 4036503
2.36 in H
Christmas In The City - a collection from Department 56 - with all the hustle and bustle, this series captures the elegance and excitement of the city. City Sleigh Ride, hand-crafted and hand-painted porcelain accessory. 2.36in H x 2.76in W x 6.69in L
Rock-A-Bye, Baby. Boy - 4031941
3.25 in H
Sleep tight, little one. This Snowbaby is tightly wrapped in a hand-knit blanket and snuggled into his crib. The piece is adorned with a baby-blue ribbon.
The Inn At Bethlehem - 4050943
5.91 in H
In Stock
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Dept 56 in 2016, we are pleased to introduce "The Inn At Bethlehem" lighted piece. This two-sided porcelain piece features the inn on one side and the stable scene on the other side and includes Holy Family figures.
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