New Villages - 2016 Holiday Specials Christmas Sweets! One of the happiest things about Christmas time is enjoying the many wonderful foods, especially treats. And what could be more of a treat than chocolate?

Also look for new introductions in Alpine Village, Dickens' Village, Snow Village Halloween, Original Snow Village, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and two new series - First Frost and Holiday in the Woods.

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Dickens' Village, Christmas Sw - 4054961
7.28 in H
During the Dickensian times in London, Chocolate was a luxury. How appropriate that a chocolatier would be an elegant, upscale building that would serve the crown. Giant molded chocolate Santa’s capture the attention of a young boy and his pup.
Dickens' Village, Sidewalk Swe - 4054964
3.15 in H
An elegant vendor in top hat stands ready to serve the fine chocolates from his cart. Note the gold trim on the wheels, fringe at the top and gold rosemaling design.
North Pole, Christmas Sweets - 4054967
7.09 in H
Santa’s hard working elves need a sweet break, too! Mom elf hoists a young elf to peek in the window at the candy counter display inside.
North Pole, Sidewalk Sweets - 4054969
1.97 in H
A chocolate cart on skis gives functionality to the candy vendor at the Pole. Displays on top indicate the selection of candies below.
Snow Village, Christmas Sweets - 4054972
4.9 in H
The sweet scent of candy entices everyone on Main Street to stop and smell the chocolates in downtown Snow Village. Unable to resist, a young fellow stops in front to peek inside at the dimensional window display.
Snow Village, Sidewalk Sweets - 4054975
3.5 in H
In Stock
Sidewalk cart features uniformed vendor offering a box of fine chocolates to the Snow Village shopper. Note the details of the red striped awning. Underneath on display are dozens of hand painted chocolates.
Christmas Landscape Kit 2016 - 4054984
5.98 in H
St. Clive's In The Dell - 4054963
6.77 in H
Traditionally, churches are a bestselling design in Dickens Village. The hanging bell used on St. Clive’s caught the attention of our artist and inspired this design. This unique bell is suspended without a tower, ready to call parishioners to service.
First Christmas Eve Service - 4054966
2.64 in H
Mom and Dad have the baby wrapped in lace trimmed blankets for the midnight service. A perfect commemoration of baby’s first Christmas.
The Swan & Trumpet - 4054962
7.28 in H
In Stock
The Swan and Trumpet is THE PUB, one of the go to pieces in Dickens Village for 2016. The title is inspired by The Seven Swans of the Twelve Days tradition. Trumpet from trumpeter swans.
Swan & Trumpet Beer Wagon - 4054965
3.27 in H
Beer distribution in 19th century London was done through the brewery. Pubs and delivery vehicles were owned by a single brewer. This is demonstrated with the Swan and Trumpet Beer Wagon. Horse pulled cart brought barrels from the source to the pub.
Santa's DQ Cone House - 4054968
5.2 in H
In Stock
Just like so many of us, Santa and his elves love to stop at the local Dairy Queen for a Treat. This adorable DQ stand welcomes the folks from the North Pole to walk up, grab a stool, and enjoy a cone, shake, or Dilly bar from the service window.
Dairy Queen Delivers - 4054971
1.73 in H
Capped with a famous paper hat, one of Santa’s elves arrives on his snow going “treatmobile” with a Dairy Queen Cone. The frosty treats are kept in the on board storage area, which is shaped just like a DQ sandwich.
DQ Yummy Treats To Eat - 4054970
1.34 in H
Two little elves celebrate the season with a DQ Blizzard and Dilly Bar, joy indeed! Only Department 56 can create mini hand-sculpted and hand-painted treats that look just the real items offered at Dairy Queen!
DQ Treats For You - 4055698
2.48 in H
A great addition to the best selling Dairy Queen in Snow Village, our DQ fellow, dressed in traditional uniform, serves up 2 delighted guests.
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