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The Hansom Cab Co. - 4056644
7.6 in H
In Stock
Prior to motorized vehicles, besides walking, horse and carriage was the main mode of transportation around the busy streets of London. The Cab Company building housed the stable for the horses, parking for cabs, and office for the business records.
Honey Harvest - 4056642
2.44 in H
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Beehive is protected from the elements so the beekeeper can gather honey throughout the year.
The Amazing Magic Lantern Show - 4056640
2.64 in H
In Stock
Lit accessory – the theme of this show is “Alice In Wonderland”, demonstrating the 19th century technology of Magic Lanterns.
Olde Bramling Oast House - 4056639
7.28 in H
An Oast is constructed for a particular function; the unique architectural style is required to dry harvested hops before being sent to breweries. The unique vent at the top of the chimney rotates with the wind to create an optimal draft.
Holiday Cab Ride - 4056638
4.25 in H
In Stock
Only 1 horse is needed to pull the Hansom Cab through the snowy streets of London
The Merry Fir Advent Wreaths - 4056636
6.89 in H
In Stock
Different from the traditional colors in our country, at Merry Fir, the true Anglican custom is reflected in the colors of the candles. Celebrate the advent season by “Lighting” another candle on each of the four Sunday’s prior to Christmas.
Comb's Honey Cottage - 4056635
5.91 in H
In Stock
Studies show that bees arrived on the British Isles 9000 years ago and that the Beekeeping trade in England dates back centuries. This charming country cottage would make the idyllic setting for keeping hives during the time of Dickens’.
Eight Milkmaids Crock - 4056634
6.81 in H
The fair isle of Britain is known for many specialty trades, one of which is dairy production. It’s thus appropriate to tribute the eighth in our Twelfth Night series as a fine Devon County creamery.
Oast House Hop Harvest - 4056646
2.44 in H
In Stock
Couple prepare freshly harvested hops for drying in the oast.
Turnabout Is Fair Play - 4056645
2.68 in H
In Stock
Victorian Maiden waits under the mistletoe ball for a kiss from the gentleman.
Ladies Auxiliary Brass Band - 4056643
2.44 in H
In Stock
A trio of horn players spread cheer on streets of London with carols in front of the department store.
Victorian Milk Maid - 4056641
2.56 in H
In Stock
A pushcart filled with the freshest dairy ingredients, serving customers on the streets of London.
The Oxford Arcade - 4056637
7.28 in H
In Stock
The world’s best-know upscale department stores are found in London. Similar to a mall, an arcade allowed patrons the convenience of visiting several shops under one roof. Elegant details include brass lanterns and metal scroll work.
Criterion Magic Lantern Theatr - 4056633
6.7 in H
In Stock
The precursor to the movie theaters, magic lantern shows became widespread in London during the 1800’s. Similar to more modern day slide projectors, a magic lantern used a light source to project an image from a slide unto a large white surface.
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