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Six Geese A Laying - 4057138
11 in H
As a part of the beloved “Twelve Days of Christmas” carol, this 11” Santa finds that a goose has chosen his cart to nest in, what luck! Santa stands carrying a Christmas tree while his cart holds a “Merry Christmas” sign and a comfortable goose.
Unbearably Cute - 4057122
10.5 in H
In this 10.5” figurine, a fuzzy bear sits on Santa's shoulder to help him read his list and make deliveries!
Happer Camper - 4057103
8 in H
During the warm months, Santa loves to spend his time surrounded by nature. After a long hike and several snacks, Santa takes a little snooze in this 8” figurine. He kicks his fur-lined boots up on a present and rests on his backpack for support.
Paella To Share - 4057021
11 in H
Santa knows how to have fun at a Beach Party! He brought a dish of Paella to Share and his favorite Tiki mug to enjoy a tropical cocktail.
Salty Santa Claus - 4057018
11 in H
Aye aye, Santa! This 11” figurine shows Saint Nick is willing to do anything to make sure he visits every child on Christmas Eve. He sports a weatherproof jacket with anchors printed on the pockets. A lantern helps guide him.
Going Stag - 4057135
12 in H
In Stock
This 12” figurine features a Santa and reindeer inspired by vintage Christmas decorations. The deer has textured flocking and carries old-fashioned toys in a saddlebag.
Lots Of Letters - 4057132
8.5 in H
In Stock
Looks like Mrs. Claus received even more letters than Santa today! This 8.5” figurine depicts the Clauses opening their mail together like they do every night.
From House to House - 4057113
10.5 in H
In Stock
. Inspired by the Northern Native Americans that snowshoed over the rugged terrain that eventually became Canada, this Santa delivers all the Christmas necessities to a snowed-in family. This 10.5” Santa carries a walking stick and small Christmas tree.
Built From Scratch - 4057112
10.5 in H
In Stock
Sometimes when the elves get tired, Santa loves to step in and help making toys! Our 10.5” Santa celebrates the 80th Anniversary of the first flight of the DC-3 by building his very own model, complete with a reindeer logo.
Christmas Specialist - 4057105
11 in H
In Stock
Santa's X-ray shows he already has lots of Christmas Spirit in this 11” figurine. The doctor has given him the OK to make his Christmas Eve deliveries.
Branching Out - 4056220
10.5 in H
In Stock
Santa does not always use a traditional Christmas tree. This time, our 10.5” Santa places some beautifully wrapped gifts under a smiling snowman tree.

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