Snow Village® Halloween - Witch Hollow

The sisters of Witch Hollow find their way home by being ever guided by the beacon of the new light tower. Shop All Snow Village Halloween >

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Hattie's Hat Shop - 4056700
7.68 in H
In Stock
Inevitably, flying across the October sky will result in the loss of one’s magical hat. Where do the Sisters of Witch Hollow find their replacements? At Hattie’s, of course! Black light LEDs and roof top lanterns create a spell-casting lit effect.
Hattie's Hats Custom Fitted - 4056706
3.74 in H
In Stock
A visit with Hattie provides properly style and fit to assure the most comfortable hat for any witch.
Witch Way Home Tower - 4051009
9.88 in H
In Stock
A round tower with 360 degree windows and a lantern at the top is much like a light house for the Witches of the Hollow. The bright beacon offers a guide light, leading the girls aboard brooms home safely.
Witch Watch - 4051018
4.13 in H
Tilly, the Tower Witch uses a centuries old, specially built telescope to look for her sisters in flight. Holding a highly detailed map of the night sky there’s no doubt that she’ll be able to guide the other witches home to safety.
Sweet Trappings Cottage - 4051012
7.8 in H
Inspired by the "Hansel and Gretel" story, our new candy cottage has the creep factor amped up. Signage and giant candies are 2 of the elements that this mean witch uses to lure kids to her cottage.
Witch Trap - 4051021
3.66 in H
In Stock
Our tricky witch is in for a big surprise when she is the one being tricked. Look carefully to see the rope that is ready to trap her! The resin accessory is highly detailed, handpainted and designed exclusively for The Original Snow Village Halloween.
No Hocus Pocus Here - 4051015
3.94 in H
In Stock
The witches have invented a new game, ring toss on the pointy witch hat. And no black magic allowed! The resin accessory is handpainted, highly detailed and designed exclusively for The Original Snow Village Halloween.
Black Cat Snack - 4044885
4.17 in H
The Cat Lady witch serves a treat to one of her favorite black cats.
Black Cat Shack - 4044877
7.88 in H
Witch Hallow addition - known for the witch hat roof peaks. This cottage resembles a cat, and is inhabited by the scariest cat lady of all.
Another Prince Croaks - 4036600
3.74 in H
Don't cause this witch to lose her temper, you may end up like these toads, croaking away your days as an amphibian!
Toads & Frogs Witchcraft Haunt - 4036591
5.91 in H
In Stock
Part of “Witch Hollow” sub-series. Meet the ladies of Witch Hollow. Casting spells and providing mysterious spook in each and every witch-hat capped cottage. The spiteful witch that lives here continues to transform ex- boyfriends to frogs.
Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble - 4030764
3.43 in H
In Stock
From the Halloween Series of Snow Village from Department 56. The haunts of this grouping will give you shivers of excitement. Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble, Hand-crafted & hand-painted ceramic accessory.
Three Witches Cauldron Haunt - 4030758
8.7 in H
According to Mark Twain, "The hat makes the witch". This witch hat haunt is home to three special witches, each has her own cauldron our front to brew her special potion. Each cauldron is lit using LED lights to add a little spooky ambiance!
Midnight's Last Ride - 808999
1.6 in H
In Stock
Designed and manufactured as part of the Snow Village Halloween for Department 56. 1.6in H x 3.35in W x 5.3in L
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