Snowbabies™ SnowDream™

Climb aboard a friendly polar bear and, together, trek into the vast pine forests, brightly sparkling with the glittered majesty of freshly-fallen snow. The SnowDream Collection emulates wonderment with accents of antique silver and mica sparkle.


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A Shepherd & Flock Shadow Box - 4051931
5.04 in H
In Stock
This shepherd and his flock are keeping a close eye on the Baby Jesus as he sleeps peacefully in his manger. Shadow box is adorned with unique Dream glitter and acetate cover is hand-painted with subtle polka dots.
Feeding The Birds Ornament - 4051926
2.6 in H
In Stock
This Snowbaby has plenty of bird food in that glittery bucket. There's just one catch. The birds must sing a bird song if they want a special treat! These birds don't seem to mind one bit. Bucket is adorned with unique Dream glittered.
Sweetheart Angel Ornament - 4051920
1.5 in H
In Stock
It's the season of love! This angel has a Christmas sweetheart and she's prepared to impress that that special someone with this heavily-glittered heart. Her wings have been hand-glittered and her tutu features a subtle glitter trim.
Tree Top Tidings - 4051919
3.86 in H
In Stock
Being without a Christmas tree in Frosty Frolic Land is simply unheard of! But this Snowbaby is making sure everyone is ready for the big day with her basket of sisal trees. Her formal outfit is accented with hints of flocking, glitter and gemstones.
An Angel To Guide Us Ornament - 4051918
3.54 in H
In Stock
An angel will never steer you wrong. They will always guide you in the right direction. This angel is leading the way with her heavily-glittered wings and jewel embellishment.
Delivering Dreams - 4051917
6.5 in H
In Stock
One of the best ways to travel across Frosty Frolic Land is by polar bear. This Snowbaby and her friend are ready to travel all through the night with their lantern. After all, they have a lot of presents to deliver and not a lot of time to do it!
Ice Dancing Ornament - 4051903
2.56 in H
In Stock
It takes a very talented skater to perform moves like this on the ice. Luckily for this Snowbaby, she's been practicing all year. Notice the glittered blades on her skates, glittered tutu and hand-knit stocking cap.
Royal Friends - 4051892
3.54 in H
In Stock
Royal friends. Is there any other kind? In fact, add a fancy tiara or dashing crown and you, too, can be just as royal as this Snowbaby and his friend. Crowns have been hand-painted and adorned with a sparkling gemstone.
Angel Gifts - 4051889
4.33 in H
In Stock
These angels are busy helping wrap some Christmas gifts. This package is getting some extra-special attention with satin bows. Notice the intricate sculpting in the packages. Each Snowbaby's set of wings have been covered with unique Dream glitter.
Drummers Driving - 4051879
3.62 in H
In Stock
Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, this piece features a friendly bird perched atop a glittered drum decorated with gems. The Snowbaby has been adorned with a delicate rosette in her hair. Buy it as part of the 12 Days collection or on it's own.
Pipers Piping - 4051878
3.74 in H
In Stock
Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, this piece features a friendly bird perched atop some sheet music admiring the sweet sounds the Snowbaby is playing. Her flute is hand-painted in gold paint. Buy it as part of the 12 Days collection or on it's own.
Ladies Dancing - 4051877
5.35 in H
In Stock
Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, this piece features a dancing Snowbaby twirling atop a glittery base. She's been dressed in her ballet shoes and topped off with a rosette and fine gemstones. Buy it as part of the 12 Days collection or on it's own.
Goodnight Prayers - 4051873
6.61 in H
In Stock
Goodnight prayers are very important to the Snowbabies. They pray for their Snowbaby families and Frosty Frolic friends. This piece is beautifully sculpted, glittered and contains a light that omits a soft, golden glow (batteries included).
Angel of Christmas - 4051869
4.41 in H
In Stock
This angel has been asked to deliver Christmas spirit in the form of ornaments to all of the Snowbabies. Her halo and wings are hand-glittered, her skirt is intricately sculpted and she holds 3 glass ornaments in her hands.
Angel of Love - 4051868
4.41 in H
In Stock
Christmas is a season to celebrate love. A time to show our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them. Give this special Snowbaby as a token of love and affection. Her halo, skirt and heart have been hand-glittered.

Meet the Artist

Get acquainted with Kristi Jensen Pierro, the artist who developed our extraordinary Snowbabies® series. Learn More >
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