Where is Margaritaville? It’s in the tropics and you don’t have to be a navigator to get there. There is a beach and a thatched roof bar perched on the edge of the turquoise sea where you can always find a bar stool. Where is Margaritaville? It's a State of Mind.
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Margaritaville Lounge - 4058487
6.3 in H
In Stock
Plays instrumental version of "Come Monday", the tune that we will all be singing when we arrive at the "Margaritaville Lounge". Check out all the details and sit and rest on the deck out front.
Margaritaville Paradise Grill - 4058488
6.89 in H
In Stock
Plays instrumental version of "Volcano". Whether you have a cheeseburger with that Margarita or not, waiting for the "Volcano" will be easy when you stop into the "Margaritaville Paradise Grill". You can hear the band playing one of their favorites.
Marg Lost Shaker Of Salt Bar - 4058489
6.1 in H
In Stock
Pull up a stool and rest awhile at the "Margaritaville Lost Shaker of Salt Bar". Enjoy a cool drink and hum along to "Margaritaville" playing in the background!
Rocking Away In Margaritaville - 4058490
2.68 in H
In Stock
Flip flops, board shorts and shades -- everything you need to relax in "Margaritaville". Coordinates with all lit pieces for "Margaritaville".
Couple Cheeseburgrs In Pardise - 4058491
2.84 in H
In Stock
This handpainted couple has everything they need to enjoy their time in "Margaritaville" including the sand at their feet. Even the parrot is enjoying himself.
Parrot Head King - 4058492
2.84 in H
In Stock
"Sharks to the Left, Sharks to the Right" -- everything is alright in "Margaritaville" and this fellow is ready to enjoy the sights!
Margaritaville Volcano Club - 6001209
9 in H
Available 06/25/2018
The Volcano Club is the newest, most fun place in Margaritaville. Creative design highlights the fun of making blender drinks. Real working mechanism replicates a steaming volcano. Just add water to the reservoir – steam is safe and clean.
Argh I'm Your Pirate - 6001210
5 in H
Available 06/25/2018
Couple found a great place to pose for vacation photos.
Yes, I Am A Pirate - 6001211
8 in H
Available 06/25/2018
Palm Tree in the sand is decorated with a treasure chest. But wait, there’s more. This accessory is sized to fit a wireless speaker (sold separately) so you can play your favorite Jimmy Buffet songs within your display.
Flip Flop Repair Shop - 6001757
6.5 in H
Available 06/25/2018
Just in case you step on the pop top or anything else that causes a flip flop blowout, come on down to the Flip Flop Repair Shop. They’ll get you fixed up in a jiffy. Forgot to bring a pair on vacation to Margaritaville? No worries, they have them all!
Flipped And Flopped - 6001758
2 in H
Available 06/25/2018
It’s no fun to sit out when you’re on vacation, that why you’ll only wait a minute at Flip Flop Repair Shop before you’re back on your way to having a good time.
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