Original Snow Village®

The Original Snow Village was built with the same traditions and values found in small towns across America – the shops and neighborhoods of main street, USA, continue to prosper and grow.


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Waiting for the Bus - 809010
4.13 in H
In Stock
Ginger, the Golden Retriever, waits at the bus top. The children will be dropped off soon and Ginger will be very happy to see them!
Grandma's Favorite Present - 808952
3 in H
In Stock
Whatever it is, the present from the grandchildren will always be grandma's favorite. Or maybe it's the visit itself!
Christmas At Grandma's - 808943
8.5 in H
In Stock
Everyone enjoys a visit with grandma, and her house always has the best treats! Peek in the window to see the dinner table set for the occasion. Made of ceramic and includes a switched cord and bulb by Department 56.
Everyone Decorates Tinsel Tree - 56.55420
In Stock
On Christmas lane everyone helps decorates the tinsel tree!
Like Father  Like Son - 56.55407
3 in H
In Stock
It's a family affair as father and son help each other build snowman's to display on their lawn outside The Snowman House.
The Snowman House - 56.55390
9.5 in H
In Stock
The one thing the residents of Christmas Lane are sure to have around the holiday is lots of snow! And what do you do with all that snow - build snowmans of course! This quaint brick home lights up the lane with signs of "Let It Snow" and "Think Snow".
Santa's Wonderland House - 56.55359
8.27 in H
In Stock
Welcome to The Original Snow Village. Built with the same traditions and values found in small towns across America. This over-decorated house includes delightful animation -- watch the tiny train circle the house. Includes adapter.
Christmas Lights Tour - 56.55267
2.75 in H
In Stock
People in the Village go all out to decorate for the holidays, so now people take a nightly tour to see the lights, the displays and the decorations. LED lights on the bus make this accessory stand out.
Sitting In The Village - 56.55197
2.25 in H
In Stock
A variety of townspeople all in a seated position to use on park benches or sitting on a low wall. These folks are resting, talking or watching children play.
Village Phone Booth - 56.54291
4 in H
In Stock
Maybe this is the telephone where Superman changes, or maybe it's reminiscent of Main Street America before the invention of the cell phones. A time when people who were out and about had to put a coin in the slot to make a call.
Panda Palace Free Delivery - 4055218
2.56 in H
In Stock
This cute little car can be seen all over the neighborhood delivering delicious Asian cuisine from the Panda Palace. This accessory is made of ceramic, handpainted and part of The Original Snow Village.
Snow Village, Sidewalk Sweets - 4054975
3.5 in H
In Stock
Sidewalk cart features uniformed vendor offering a box of fine chocolates to the Snow Village shopper. Note the details of the red striped awning. Underneath on display are dozens of hand painted chocolates.
Snow Village, Christmas Sweets - 4054972
4.9 in H
In Stock
The sweet scent of candy entices everyone on Main Street to stop and smell the chocolates in downtown Snow Village. Unable to resist, a young fellow stops in front to peek inside at the dimensional window display.
Santa Comes To Town, 2016 - 4050997
3.82 in H
In Stock
Dated 2016, with a twinkle in his eye, Santa carefully inspects the Snow Village Houses! This series has been part of the Village since 1994. This accessory is made of ceramic, handpainted and part of The Original Snow Village.
Letters To Santa, Snow Village - 4050996
2.91 in H
In Stock
To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we have designed "Letters To Santa" for each of our Villages. This one features a little girl and her puppy posting that very special letter in the mail box. This accessory is made of handpainted ceramic.

Meet the Artist

Tom Bates has been a part of the Department 56, Inc. creative team since 1997 working with many aspects of the design process, painting, model making, and illustration. Learn More >
Department 56 artist Scott Enter was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and developed an interest in drawing and photography early in his life. Learn More >
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