Original Snow Village® Halloween

Frightfully fun and painstakingly detailed. The haunts of this Halloween Village will give you shivers of excitement. Add some spooky accessories and your Halloween will take on a life all on its own!


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The Beast Master - 4059392
2.8 in H
In Stock
Still skeptical about the nature of The Beast, our Beast Master keeps a club close at hand while waiting for The Beast’s arrival.
The Beast - 4059391
8.27 in H
In Stock
While working the rails, a discovery was made deep in the woods - a Beast. After a bit of negotiation, Beast agreed to ride on a flat bed rail car, with chains to secure him while taking the rough rails.
Scary Skeleton Stories - 4056710
3.23 in H
In Stock
These spooky skeletons agree that the best way to share ghost stories is with a lit flashlight under the chin!
Scary Gravedigger - 4056708
3.15 in H
In Stock
Even with shovel in hand, digging up the ground in the middle of the night is not for the faint of heart.
Lit Graveyard Ghost - 4056707
3.58 in H
In Stock
Special lit effect illuminates this ghost in the graveyard.
Hattie's Hats Custom Fitted - 4056706
3.74 in H
In Stock
A visit with Hattie provides properly style and fit to assure the most comfortable hat for any witch.
Bat's Motel - 4056705
5.12 in H
In Stock
The Bat’s Motel may not be the most welcoming place in town, but if you don’t mind dirty sheets or sleeping next to a crime scene, than you’re sure to take comfort here. Rusty old chairs, bed bugs, and a keep out sign will assure vacancy.
Poe's Perch Aviary - 4056704
7.95 in H
In Stock
Vultures, crows, bats and ravens are just some of the flying creatures that await adoption at Poe’s Perch Aviary. Building features scary bird sounds and animated flying creatures.
The Skeleton House - 4056702
6.5 in H
In Stock
Trick-or-Treat lanes newest house. At the Skeleton House, the creepy, boney figures are taking over. Skeletons in the window and sculls peeking from the brightly lit hedge add to the giant impact of oversized skeletons climbing this charming home.
The Haunted Cemetery Shed - 4056701
5.51 in H
In Stock
The most horrifying place on Halloween night: the cemetery next to the Haunted Church. This cemetery shed holds tools, a wheelbarrow, coffins, headstones and decorative flowers, all used as the grounds are prepared. The green light casts a creepy glow.
Hattie's Hat Shop - 4056700
7.68 in H
In Stock
Inevitably, flying across the October sky will result in the loss of one’s magical hat. Where do the Sisters of Witch Hollow find their replacements? At Hattie’s, of course! Black light LEDs and roof top lanterns create a spell-casting lit effect.
Scary Ghost Catcher - 4054983
3.35 in H
In Stock
LED lit accessory features back pack contraption allowing the ghost catcher to capture and hold ghosts until they are secured in the train car.
Scary Ghost Hauler - 4054982
4.41 in H
In Stock
The workers of Haunted Rails have started busting ghosts. The newest business on the line, “Ghost Hunters, Inc.” will assist in any removal of pesky ghost you have. The car is designed to hold ghosts within but some have started to escape!
Halloween Party House - 4051008
6.1 in H
In Stock
Bobbing for Apples, Pin The Tail On The Skeleton, and a Pinata are some of the games found outside of the party house. Decorated with purple and silver metallic, this is certainly a welcome addition to Trick-Or-Treat Lane.
Toads & Frogs Witchcraft Haunt - 4036591
5.91 in H
In Stock
Part of “Witch Hollow” sub-series. Meet the ladies of Witch Hollow. Casting spells and providing mysterious spook in each and every witch-hat capped cottage. The spiteful witch that lives here continues to transform ex- boyfriends to frogs.

Meet the Artist

Department 56 artist Scott Enter was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and developed an interest in drawing and photography early in his life. Learn More >
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