Gumdrop Park Bench - 4038853
Gumdrop Park Bench
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product 4038853
Introduced: January 2014
Use Department 56 Cross Product accessories to enhance your Village display. Part of the Gumdrop Park grouping, use to create a fun coordinated landscape. Gumdrop Park Bench, Hand-painted resin lit accessory.
  • Village General Accessory
  • 1.06 in H
  • Materials Glitter, Polyresin
  • Measurements of Product 1.06 in H x 1.65 in W x 2.95 in L
  • Retirement Month and Year November 2015
  • Name Gumdrop Park Bench
  •   A bit of whimsy went into the design of this adorable park bench in the gumdrop theme. The four bench supports are non-edible sugary gumdrops with a peppermint striped seat on top.

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