Haunted Rails Straight Track - 4030788
Haunted Rails Straight Track
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product 4030788
Introduced: January 2013
Use Department 56 Cross Product accessories to enhance your Halloween or Fall Village display. Haunted Rails Straight Track Set of 2, 0.47in H x 3.94in W x 10.24in L
  • 0.47 in H
  • Materials Dolomite
  • Measurements of Product 0.47 in H x 3.94 in W x 10.24 in L
  • Retirement Month and Year November 2017
  • Name Haunted Rails Straight Track, Set of 2
  •   To add realism to the Haunted Rails train, we have introduced tracks that will simulate a place to settle the train engine and the various cars introduced in this series. Buy as many as you need to run the train to nowhere! Can be used with the Haunted Rails Curved Track #4030789.

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